Past Projects

Young People (11 — 18)

Pied Piper was established to support young musicians in Ryedale and provide them with projects and workshops led by professional musicians from a range of musical genres. We aim to provide a range of high quality music activities that young people in Ryedale would normally be unable to experience without traveling to larger towns and cities outside the area.

Ryedale has a thriving youth arts scene and Pied Piper is an integral part of this, providing complimentary activities to those provided by schools and the Music Hub, as well as meeting specific gaps in current provision - e.g. songwriting workshops.

Pied Piper supports young musicians in two key ways:

1) By providing them with access to professional musicians who can support and develop their musical skills and techniques as well as inspiring and enthusing them as young artists

2) By broadening their horizons and raising their aspirations, challenging them musically and introducing them to different genres and approaches to music making

As an organisation we are very much led by our participants, providing them with opportunities to shape the content and format of individual workshops. We also respond to their requests for workshops focusing on specific genres or with specific artists wherever possible.

Pied Piper is proud of its long relationship with young musicians in Ryedale, and many of our participants have continued on to a career in the music industry as performers, arts managers and sound engineers.

If you would like to talk to us about our work with young people, please contact us.

26 May to 30 May

Musical Villages & Make Some Noise - May 2014

We are delighted to welcome Thabo & The Real Deal to deliver a series of creative music making workshops this half term. Featuring Pied Piper Regulars (Aron Kyne – Piano and Ali Mac – Percussion) alongside guitarist Emmanuel Allert and Zimbabwean vocalist Thabo Mkwananzi this group will work with participants to develop their own unique performance piece each day.

17 Feb to 21 Feb

Make Some Noise February 2014 - Write your own fim soundtrack

Pied Piper is delighted to be able to continue our new progrmame of half term workshops for 10 - 13 year olds with an unique opportunity for children to create their own film soundtrack to a Hollywood Blockbuster!

28 Oct to 1 Nov
Venues across Ryedale

Make Some Noise October 2013 - South American Music

Pied Piper is delighted to launch a new progrmame of half term creative music making workshops for 10-13 year olds across Ryedale. Working with Three Jazz, participants will explore the rhythms, beats and music of South America, with a particular focus on the music of Brazil and the Carnival.

26 Oct to 27 Oct
The Old Courthouse, Thirsk

Explore Latin Jazz with Three Jazz

Led by Leeds-based ensemble Three Jazz (Tom Sherman sax, Sam Vicary bass, Ali Mac drums), this two-day workshop will introduce participants to the rhythms and grooves of Latin Jazz, before devising, recording and performing their own original Latin Jazz compositions.

16 Feb to 17 Feb
The Old Courthouse, Thirsk

Funk Weekend

These workshops were for young musicians of Grade 5 standard or higher, and were a great opportunity to develop performance skills, learning the key features of funk, interpreting funk classics and performing as part of a funk band. The project also incorporated recording, with a CD produced for all participants.

13 Mar to 26 Jun


This project was an attempt to create a unique new jazz ensemble that gave participants the opportunity to explore their creativity through jazz, improvisation and group composition activities.

Jazz Saxophonist Tom Sherman led weekly Sunday rehearsals and jamming sessions, with the aim of developing a jazz ensemble with a creative and contemporary edge.